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Mediterranean Slow Cooked Lamb

27 Mar

I cook this lamb overnight.  This way its ready in the morning and I just cool it while I am getting ready then pop it in the refrigerator for that night’s dinner. If you have a slow cooker, you could also cook it during the day while you’re out. But I like to do it […]


Indian Spiced Yogurt Sauce

24 Mar

This delicious yogurt sauce is a star with any Indian or Mediterranean based meal as a dipping sauce, sandwich spread, or salad dressing.  Using garam masala makes it super simple too. The ground garam masala mix that I use contains coriander seed, black pepper, allspice, cumin, cardamom, turmeric, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, bay leaves, cassia, chili pepper, […]


Scallion and Parsley Falafel

20 Mar

I love cooking (and eating!) Mediterranean food.  In my culinary adventures with all kinds of different dishes, I have found working with falafel mix pretty difficult. It tends to fall apart on me – especially when I forget to use RAW chickpeas instead of the simmered ones.  But anyway… My recipe includes a lot of parsley […]


Lemon Hummus

17 Mar

There are those of us who love hummus and those who have never had well prepared homemade hummus. Even if you think you don’t like hummus because you’ve only ever had the preservative laden over-processed and over-flavored kind (like Gary did), try this recipe and it will change your mind. It’s smooth, creamy and nutritious heaven […]


Dried Chickpeas – Is it worth it?

12 Mar

Canned chickpeas are readily available and the perfect star of any quick fix meal. So why bother with dried chickpeas?  Nutrition-wise, canned and dried chickpeas are pretty similar however, canned chickpeas have high amounts of sodium and a certain level of preservatives to keep them fresh. Dried chickpeas have neither. Is that reason enough?  Maybe not. […]


Confetti Vegetable Soup

9 Mar

Hopefully you made a double batch of those parmesan and parsley meatballs because I have a delicious soup to partner up with them! Soup is a crowd pleaser.  A large steamy bowl produces a peaceful and inviting feeling that seems to just make people relaxed and happy.   Reminiscent of the days when mom cooked a big batch of chicken soup, a soup pot bubbling […]


Parsley and Parmesan Chicken Meatballs

5 Mar

Besides being adorable — which makes them great for kids! — these little meatballs are absolutely delicious.  To make them extra healthy, use chicken breast meat only.  Ask your butcher to put skinless chicken breasts through the grinder only once and the chicken will be the perfect consistency to make meatballs. These tasty little darlings freeze perfectly, so use that […]


Turmeric Halloumi, Roasted Root and Pumpkin Seed Salad

2 Mar

One secret to adding a bit of diversity to your meals is using lots of different spices.  Many times, I will go to the store or a spice market and pick up a few spices that I’ve either never heard of or never cooked with to do some experimenting in my kitchen.  I have yet to be disappointed! With […]