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Sunny Spinach Dal

25 May

Even in its raw state, Moong dal makes a tasty salad. But cook the dal and its on another level! Since the beans are so small, when cooked, they create a lusciously smooth texture. This sunny spinach dal really screams sunshine!!! with its bright yellow moong dal base, heightened by golden turmeric, warm cumin and amber hued sautéed garlic, ginger and shallots […]


Chopped Spicy Thai Salad

23 May

This vibrant Thai salad has all the tastes of beautiful sunny southeast Asia! All of the ingredients in this incredibly bright and zesty Thai salad should be readily available at local markets except for the kaffir lime skin which should be easy to source from an Asian market. Fresh or dried kaffir lime leaves could be substituted for the kaffir lime skin or […]


Green Banana Smoothie

20 May

Its morning time. You’re rushing around trying to get out the door and start your day. Skip breakfast?  Just a coffee? Grab a muffin? You don’t have to. This delicious green banana smoothie is a satisfying and healthful breakfast that is so easy to make.  And, it can be made ahead and kept in the fridge for […]


Spring Strawberry Crumble Cheesecake

16 May

Just picture it: A beautifully sunny Spring day, baby birds chirping, a crisp breeze and the smell of a freshly cut lawn…. Lingering in the garden with friends or family reveling in the freeness of the weekend and the warmth of the day…. A slice of this strawberry crumble cheesecake alongside a big bowl of juicy fresh berries and […]


Thai Cooking: Beauty, Fragrence and Flavor

13 May

Thailand is a beautiful place of abundant varieties of fruits and vegetables. It may not be a wealthy country in the financial sense, but Thailand is rich in many other ways. First and foremost the Thai people exude an overwhelming warmth, openness and sense of gratitude that is so sincere and welcoming.  They are a true example of respectful […]


Ruby Raspberry Juice

8 May

A refreshing drink can really invigorate your whole day. This delicious juice is perfect first thing in the morning or to give you a mid-afternoon pep-me-up! Its really simple, fresh and delicious. Grapefruit, lime, raspberry, cucumber, mint, basil and celery….. What’s not to love!? Putting soft berries through your juicer does not produce a lot of juice – so its […]


Japanese Cooking: The importance of balance

5 May

The food in Japan has so much character.  Its beautiful, seasonal, nourishing and delicious. But what struck me the most was the balance of how each dish is uniquely designed and presented and how the symbolism of Japanese beliefs is SO apparent in their day to day life which extends, of course, to their cuisine. […]


Lemon Pasta Primavera with Seared Salmon

4 May

Looking for a light and fresh dinner for spring? Voila – Lemon pasta primavera! Give all those fresh spring peas, green beans, asparagus and broccoli a chance to shine and brighten up your dinner plate.  Accentuate them with lots of flavorful garlic, bright citrus peel and fragrant spring basil and parsley.  And….. add a little decadence to […]