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Caramelized Onion + Goats Cheese Crostini

30 Jul

  I just ate the most amazing thing ever.  LIKE EVER!! I picked up a loaf of artisan style spelt bread which is a great alternative to French or Italian bread. Cut a thick slice, and then halved it.  I put a small pan on the stove on medium heat and drizzled it with olive oil. […]


Sweet Potato Sage Risotto

27 Jul

Oh Risotto!  So delicious yet so time consuming.  Is it all really necessary?  Well, maybe it is sometimes, but risotto definitely does not have a place in the harried week night dinner repertoire. But this.  Well, this is not your average risotto. Its not slow cooked painstakingly demanding you to stand over the stove stirring with one hand and a […]


Eat Clean for 1 Month: Week 2 Results

26 Jul

Week 2 Eat Clean results!  Halfway to goal completion!! Check out what this is all about here and the Eat Clean week 1 results here. In this post I’ve listed out: What I ate all week along with some delicious pictures to give an idea of how I organized my week and to inspire you […]


Tropical Smoothie

24 Jul

Summer fruits from the tropics are sweet, refreshing and delicious.  Perfect for a summer smoothie. Boost up the nutrition by adding tangy natural yogurt and you have a cool, creamy and nourishing breakfast or mid day snack this summer! Did you know that kiwi is loaded with vitamin C?  It even has more than the orange!  Kiwi is thought to contain a […]


Harissa Shrimp Kebab Wrap

20 Jul

Its summer.  So we like to skewer! This is a simple summer recipe which can be eaten with the usual BBQ side dish suspects, in a wrap or even as a salad.  Your choice! Harissa is a fragrant and robust North African spice mix.  It can be found in a powder, paste or sauce form.  I always keep […]


Eat Clean for 1 Month: Week 1 Results

19 Jul

Week 1 results for how to Eat Clean are in! In case you missed the first post on what this is ALL about and how you can get in on it, check it out here first. In this post I’ve listed out: What I ate all week along with some delicious pictures to give an […]


Spinach Walnut Pesto

16 Jul

Pesto.  It just screams: FRESH!! HEALTHY!! SUMMER!! Spinach Walnut Pesto is a delicious and similarly nutrient rich alternative to basil pesto.  It’s equally as easy to make and can be used in much the same way. The intense fragrance and flavor of sweet basil is still pronounced however the mild earthiness of spinach and walnuts incorporated into this pesto makes for a massively garden fresh and […]


World Cup Banana Oat Breakfast Shake

13 Jul

Good morning!  What are you having for breakfast?  Hmm.  So many choices.  How do you decide?  Do you base your choice on what you have planned for the day?  When you have a busy day ahead, do you make sure to eat a sustaining breakfast? You should! What do you think the players from the Argentina and […]


Eat Clean for 1 Month

12 Jul

I just sent an email to my mom and my sister saying this: Hi guys – I am going to try to eat clean for 1 month.  Do you want to join me and document to each other what we are eating? For a second I wished I had fish and chips last night :-/ […]


Honey Nut Granola – Eat more nuts & lower your risk of death!

7 Jul

Of course you know that its much easier to eat healthy when you keep a number of different nutritious and filling snacks and easy meals at your fingertips. Well this here granola, my fellow food lovin’ friends, is just what the doctor ordered. Honey Nut Granola makes a perfect breakfast or snack when paired with yogurt and […]