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May-August 2014: Operation How to Blog

30 Aug

Gotta have goals right?  Direction? Organization? Hard work? Yes indeed! These are all keys to any successful endeavor. This “How to Blog” post series is a little sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes of Nine to Divine and what I’m currently focusing on to grow my blog.  Check out the first and second “How […]


Cumin Roasted Cauliflower

27 Aug

Cauliflower. Some people love it.  Some people loathe it.  If you are in the camp of loathers, well, I want to let you in on a little secret. Cauliflower is a blank canvas.  It can taste like anything you want it to taste like.  And that means, it can be delicious. Not tolerable, DELICIOUS. Cauliflower […]


Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip

24 Aug

OK.  Deep breath. I have a slight obsession with hot spinach dip. There I said it. Now let me explain. This whole hot spinach dip thing – its kind of been a lifelong pursuit.  Where can I find the best hot spinach dip?  Which recipe will create the most delicious dip?  Is this recipe for a […]


Creamy Asparagus Pasta

21 Aug

Here is another quickie recipe to add to your week night repertoire courtesy of yours truly! Oh don’t worry, it was really no trouble at all creating this masterpiece.  Interested in creating it in your home? Be prepared. People may think you spent much more time on it but it really only takes 20 minutes to pull this delicious […]


Chicken Corn Chili

17 Aug

Going camping?  Road trip to a self catering cabin or seafront bungalow?  Staying with family or friends? Make this an even more enjoyable vacation for yourself by taking the stress out of satisfying your family’s hunger while conserving your budget and ensuring at least a few healthy meals are eaten! This delicious Chicken Corn Chili hits all […]


Indian Spiced Paneer

14 Aug

Paneer is a type of cheese commonly used in India and surrounding countries.  If you are excited at the prospect of diversifying the healthy meals you can make quickly at home, then you’ll love cooking with paneer. Similar to cottage cheese, paneer is made from the milk curd, so it is mild in flavor with a […]


Watermelon Slice Sugar Cookies

10 Aug

Ready for a little treat? I saw tons of pictures for all different kinds of watermelon shaped cookies on Pinterest and I had to give them a try.  This cookie is just too cute not to eat! Watermelon Slice Sugar Cookies are an adorable addition to your summer BBQ dessert spread.  Everyone loves them. The method is really a lot […]


Eat Clean for 1 Month: Week 4 Results

9 Aug

Week 4 Eat Clean results!  I spent half of this week on vacation road tripping in Ireland and the other half recovering from vacation with lots of eating out for business meetings and just crazy busy life in general mixed into it.  My tips this week are focused on how to deal under those circumstances! Check out what […]


Mexican Black Bean Soup

6 Aug

I know I have a slight obsession with legumes.  And black beans are definitely one of my TOP favorites.  I’m constantly thinking of different ways to use earthy little black beans and trust me, this is a good thing for my taste buds. Especially in the case of this delicious Mexican Black Bean Soup. I […]


Grilled Chicken, Vegetable and Guacamole Sandwich

3 Aug

I always make too much guacamole.  And guacamole gets made very often around these parts because both Gary and I love it.  And, the people we hang out with love it too (who doesn’t!) so I am always making it for get togethers. I think I am obsessed with avocados in general, dating back to […]