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Bean Sprout, Asparagus and Fennel Stir Fry

28 Feb

There is just something about a simple stir fry that is just…. so uncomplicated. And, so tasty. But, not nearly thought about or used enough. Of course, I’m a huge fan of preparing food in advance to make week night dinners effortless but that quick and easy dinner repertoire is JUST as important. Versatility people.  Well, yes, that. […]


Green Curry Chicken and Vegetable Linguini

22 Feb

I know.  Green curry chicken is usually eaten with white rice.  But wait until you try it as a pasta dish.  Just.  Wait. Pasta with a creamy, spicy and totally vibrant sauce?  Mixed with succulent pieces of chicken breast and tons of tender vegetables just soaking up that sauce… um Yes please! Impossible to go wrong. […]


Coconut Date Smoothie

19 Feb

Sweet, creamy, nutty and deeeelicious! Sipping on a Coconut Date Smoothie is a great way to start your day.  This smoothie is also better than anything you’ll find in the vending machine for an afternoon pick me up.  Just make sure no one steals it on you from the communal fridge at work!! The lusciously smooth almond […]


Halloumi and Pita Grilled Cheese

15 Feb

This is the simplest recipe and the result is…. {I Have to say it!}: Amazing. Have you tried halloumi cheese yet? It already has so much flavor so before you even start, the halloumi has done half the work for you. Halloumi is a semi-hard brined cheese that is usually sold already marinated with dried mint leaves.  It has a high melting point which […]


Black and White Cream Puffs

11 Feb

**GASP** A cream puff?  For me? Oh! A perfect little feather-light parcel with a deliciously crisp exterior hiding an airy soft and golden eggy inside filled with cloud-like decadent softly whipped cream with a slight hint of sweetness. {{Swooooon!}} Cream puffs are a special treat that really don’t get made all too often at home.   They are notoriously known to […]


All Veggie Pad Thai

8 Feb

What!? No noodles, you say? Yep, I said it. You don’t need noodles in this delicious pad Thai.  Honestly. The sauce is SO freeeekin GOOD.  Its spicy – sweet – peanut – tangy – salty Thai deliciousness.  Flecked with little bits of scrambled egg, soaked into shredded wok fried veggies and topped with grilled chicken, poached salmon or shrimp. […]


Cheddar Garlic Rounds

3 Feb

Flaky cheesy garlic infused bite of perfection! How could you go wrong? These so simple Cheddar Garlic Rounds are a deliriously tasty home baked treasure that will shake things up a bit and turn any humdrum week night meal into something special. They can double as a biscuit-esque accompaniment to a roast chicken or act as a crouton atop a […]


Sweet and Sour Sesame Cabbage

1 Feb

Cabbage is the ultimate cold weather green vegetable.  Its available in abundance this time of year and so its very inexpensive too.  I like to wash and micro-shred my cabbage when I bring it home from the store because then its all ready and waiting to be whipped into a quick side dish or salad. One shredded […]