Archive | March, 2015

Lemon Poppy Seed Tart

29 Mar

Lemon + thyme + poppy seed = Springtime love! This refreshing sweet tart dessert is sure to please everyone around your Easter table.  The crust is tender and only mildly sweet… but what makes it extra special is the abundant fragrance of all that fresh thyme. The filling is delightfully citrusy grabbing hold of your attention […]


Bacon Barley Stuffing

25 Mar

I love stuffing and so I want to eat it all year round, not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Eating traditional stuffing very often is not practical because its very heavy and high in calories. Enter a lighter and healthier stuffing that’s just as tasty……… Bacon and Barley Stuffing… hellooooooo! Not only is this lightened up […]


Barley’s Redeeming Qualities

22 Mar

Looking for some alternatives to pasta, rice or potatoes? Consider barley.  I know, barley is rarely featured in the recipes of today but I think its time to bring it back.  Barley has many redeeming qualities, so I say it again, let’s bring it back!  Why?  3 main reasons: Nutritional value Delicious taste Amazing versatility Nutritional Value First […]


Grilled Salmon and Sweet Potato with Creamy Gremolata

18 Mar

Sometimes all you need is nothing but a sauce to turn an average dinner… or even a bland uninspiring dinner — into a glorious plate of food that you want to eat obsessively and compulsively for the next 20 days. That’s what this Creamy Gremolata will do for you. Are you familiar with gremolata and all its miraculous-ness?  A typical […]


Barley, Lentil and Cucumber Salad with Lemon Feta Dressing

14 Mar

Keeping prepared and versatile ingredients, like whole grains and legumes, simply cooked and ready in your fridge is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy dinner is only minutes away.  Zero time to cook? No problem when you’ve got ingredients that are basically ready already just a-waiting in your fridge. Red lentils take no time at […]


Italian Vegetable + Meatball Soup

7 Mar

One colorfully fun bowl with all the elements of a complete nutritious meal. –> That pretty much sums up this delicious Italian Vegetable and Meatball Soup. You’ve got your carbs – any type of baby pasta shape you like – added in just before serving so it doesn’t get all soggy and bloated. And, the best part […]