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Lemon Caesar Salad Dressing

27 May

A really good Caesar salad is hard to find.  Am I right? Most of the time, when you order a Caesar salad its way overdressed with a thick and goopy dressing suffocating now wilted and soggy non-descript leaves.  Yuck.  Either that or its underdressed and totally tasteless.  Right? Or, this is the best – you get […]


Pork, Shrimp and Asparagus Stir Fry

22 May

Do you love stir fry?  I know I do!! Just look at how fresh and tasty that close up looks!   Crisp asparagus spears and earthy button mushrooms with sweet succulent shrimp and the most tender morsels of pork glistening with a light and flavorful sauce thats singing your name! A simple stir fry is the […]


Lime Green Juice

16 May

Your typical green juice is GREEN, dark green.  Which to some newbie juice connoisseurs (ahem, kids and adults alike) could be a slight turn off.  So how about a lime green juice? It looks friendlier and probably tastes friendlier to a palate that’s new to juicing.  It could be just the gateway green juice you […]


How Busy People Cook – Free eBook is Here!

14 May

If you are already a subscriber to Nine to Divine…. well?! what did you think of my first ebook? For any new visitors, if you subscribe to my blog you’ll get a free copy of my first ever ebook!  Subscribe at the right ——————–> I am so proud to present the “How Busy People Cook” […]


Spinach, Quinoa and Sweet Potato Detox Salad

10 May

This salad is magical!  OK, maybe I am taking it a step too far because it doesn’t actually perform tricks or optical illusions but, one thing is for sure, the end result of this salad is 100% mind boggling.  Why? Three reasons. First, this salad is packed with tons antioxidants and vitamins because 5 of the main ingredients are superfoods just bursting with nutrition!! We’re talking […]


Cracked Soy Garlic Chicken

4 May

So I tried to crack a recipe from… Crackbird! If you live in Dublin then you’ve probably heard of this place and if not, then put it on your list of places to dine when you come visit.  It’s damn good. And when I say damn good, I mean dream about it at night and subconsciously organize to […]