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Twice Baked Potato Crusted Roast Cod

28 Jun

You already know that cooking healthy homemade meals on the regular is all about preparing ahead.  It’s the inspiration and “the how” to do it that can be a challenge at times.  If you can relate, read on and be ready for some inspo! Seriously, though, this recipe is a prime example of how preparing […]


Rhubarb and Kiwi Lemonade

20 Jun

Do you think taste buds would know the difference between a processed sugary lemonade and a naturally sweetened tart refreshing glass of delicious Rhubarb and Kiwi Lemonade poured over ice on a hot summers day? What about the rest of the body, could it tell the difference? The answer is probably yes to both these […]


Yellow Spiced Cauliflower, Kale and Chick Pea Curry

16 Jun

Are you ready for a superb veggie curry coming at you just in time for a pre-summer body nourishing cleanse?? Sorry ’bout all the excitement, but I am soo ready for mine! And trust me, you will be too after reading this post, my friends. You know why I love a good vegetable curry? I’m […]


Clean Eating Your Favourite Foods

13 Jun

Clean eating is all about incorporating more natural whole foods into your meals on a daily basis.  This means eating lots of diferent kinds of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits, of course.   And, choosing whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds to feature on your plate very often. Clean eating also means removing the stuff that’s not pure natural […]


Spinach and Broccoli Stuffed Shells

10 Jun

Filling your fridge and freezer with healthy meals that can be ready with very little effort is one way to ensure you’re eating home cooked real food more often. Pasta bakes are an ideal make ahead meal because they can be prepared in bulk and stored in single or family sized servings.  Then dinner is […]


Perfectly Balanced Orange Juice

7 Jun

Who doesn’t love a glass of OJ in the morning to awaken the senses?  Sometimes fresh squeezed juice can be a little too sweet or a little too tart.  But a perfectly balanced glass of vibrant orange juice can be something beautiful. All it takes to create that drinkably delightful balance of the smooth – slightly […]


Soft Boiled Eggs with Steamed Asparagus Soldiers

5 Jun

Is there anything better than a lazy weekend morning……. No rushing to get out the door, little obligation on your time, hours to yourself and a hot homemade breakfast to savour and enjoy while you plan out your day to do….whatever you want to! Perfection, yes? Now that I have you all dreamy and weekend-ready, […]