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How Healthy are You? What you have in Your House is what you will Eat

25 Sep

If you are contemplating making positive healthy changes to your eating habits, think about this:  does your environment play a part in dictating the foods that you are currently eating? Yes?  OK. Then, do you agree that taking a good look at your environment could be the starting point to coming up with a solution to make better food choices — or at […]


Turmeric and Cumin Stewed Dal & A Balanced Body

20 Sep

Enjoying a bright fragranced bowl of stewed moong dal with long grain brown rice and tender roasted vegetables is a feast for the senses. Breathe in the warming scent of turmeric and cumin combined with the zing of fresh ginger and lemon. Bask in the beautiful sunny sight of tiny stewed dal enveloped in a tomato-tinted creamy broth […]


Speedy Sausage Rigatoni Ragu

17 Sep

Is sausage the way to a man’s heart?  ….it could be! Gary insisted that I post this recipe because “it’s flippin’ looooohvely” and he claims it’s one of his favourite dinners. I’ll admit, this is a great staple to have on your weeknight rotation because it’s quick, delicious and packed with flavour thanks to lots of different veggies, herbs, […]


Healthy Belly Breakfast Coconut Porridge

14 Sep

This porridge helps propel me in the morning.  For an every-day breakfast, that is exactly what I want it to do. Not only is it so tasty that I look forward to my breakfast the moment I wake up but Coconut Porridge is so nourishing and energy-giving, I can literally feel its positive affects to my body immediately. I’ve […]


Pasta with Tomato, Thyme and White Wine Braised Eggplant

6 Sep

If there is one thing that can’t be beat, it’s the feeling of being home. I don’t know if it’s just me, but no matter where I live, the glorious smells of something delicious cooking and perfuming the air I breathe always makes me feel like I’m home. Like I’m where I’m supposed to be. If cooking […]