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Eating clean + feeling fab this holiday with my Top 5 December eating rules

30 Nov

OK so society says that the New Year is when we should start on all those lofty goals we set for ourselves, like eating clean.  But why wait until then?  Were you happy with the way your New Year’s resolutions turned out in the past?  Do you want next year’s resolutions to turn out the […]


Corn Muffins + Thanksgiving in Ireland

22 Nov

When you’re calling two places home there’s a lot more to it then just a change of scenery.  Of course, missing people is huge but it doesn’t stop there. Between entirely different sayings like, “it’s been donkey’s years since..”  Do you know how long a donkey’s year is?  That like dog years or something? To using […]


Succulent Fennel and Smoked Paprika Shredded Pork

15 Nov

Now that the weather is cooling down, the cravings for slow cooked house-warming foods really starts to set in, doesn’t it?  With that familiar frosty chill beginning to swirl around in the air, I knew I just had to share one of my favourite recipes with you to satisfy this craving! I know I talk about smells a lot mmm-but  […]


Vibrant Fall Pasta Primavera

8 Nov

I had to put “Fall” into the name of this recipe because not only is it absolutely delicious (goes without saying even though I just did!), it is gorgeous just like all the different colors of this season. My favourite season! One of the main reasons is definitely because nature is so beautiful with all it’s warmly vibrant colors: red […]


Why aren’t you cooking? Easy Ways to Ensure Eating Clean Dinners

4 Nov

Why aren’t you cooking?  I know it’s hard not to let the busy-ness of life get in the way.  But hold this thought in your mind for a few seconds:  Your body is the vehicle through which you experience all aspects of life. Therefore, making a healthy diet highly important will benefit all aspects of your […]