Archive | March, 2016

Beef, Mushroom and Spinach Marinara Sauce

31 Mar

Lighter than a Bolognese sauce but hearty enough to satisfy a comfort food craving, this marinara is packed with tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach, and it has just the right amount of ground beef to add a meaty flavour. Not only is this sauce perfect for Spring-time family gatherings when it’s not quite warm enough yet to […]


Showing Gratitude at Easter!

25 Mar

Happy weekend and happy Easter my friends! There are loads of reasons why cooking is the best — nutrition reasons, longevity reasons, financial reasons, yummy-ness reasons.  The list goes on. But one of the MAJOR reasons why cooking is the best is because it allows you to show gratitude. When you cook for someone, even […]


Broccoli, Hazelnut and Parmesan Salad

20 Mar

What could be a superbly fitting vessel for crunchy bits of toasted hazelnuts, tangy parmesan cheese shavings and a lemony roasted garlicy dressing? Broccoli of course! Lightly blanching or steaming broccoli and then submerging it into an ice bath will ensure that bright green color and a texture that is crisp but yet a tiny bit tender. Those beautiful […]


7 No Fail Ways to Spruce Up Your Dinner

13 Mar

Variety commands interest, doesn’t it? Different textures, flavours and sensations are what makes food interesting.  And adding a dash of diversity to healthy meals increases the likelihood that you’ll want to cook and eat nutritious foods more often. Did you ever get into a rut where you find yourself making the same things for dinner over and over again?   And […]