Archive | July, 2016

Sweet and Spicy Orange Chicken = A Good Choice

24 Jul

To make good choices, you have to be in control of what you are eating.  You know this.  The hard part is fitting this ideal into your lifestyle. Making a little bit of progress every day is leading you into the direction you want to go – to be healthier, there is no need for radical […]


Beans and Beef Tacos

17 Jul

So you love your beef tacos.  It’s a quick, easy and tasty meal that your whole family will enjoy. But that’s not enough anymore.  Now, you’re looking for ways to incorporate more plant based food into your everyday dinners.  But – without extra cooking steps.  Hey, it’s a weeknight dinner, ain’t nobody got time for that! What’s […]


3 Ingredient Breakfast Smoothie

9 Jul

Does this sound like you: Longing for a healthier lifestyle and not really sure where to start? You know breakfast is an important meal but you have so little time for thoughtful decisions in the morning? Inspiration for creating a nutritious meal or smoothie that tastes delicious enough to eat regularly = zero? You’re not alone. With all […]