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Banana & Date Seeded Slice

28 Feb

Oh Yum, this complexly delicious slice is naturally sweet, moist and texturally dense with an addictive crisp toasted cinnamon-y topping. Bake up this Banana & Date Seeded Slice and it could be a quick breakfast for when you’re on the run, a healthy and satisfying snack or a wonderful addition to weekend brunch for family and friends. Ripe […]


Olive and Herb Crusty Spelt Bread

31 Jan

Good morning fellow bread lover.  Can you imagine the smell of a freshly baked loaf sitting on your counter wafting fragrances of olive, rosemary and thyme around your kitchen. There you are, standing there in anticipation, filling a little bowl with golden olive oil, sweet balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt and pepper for your […]


Stuffed Christmas Bread

20 Dec

Christmas is most definitely in full swing in our house.  We’ve already watched Elf (aka, best movie of all time), the Grinch, Miracle on 34th Street and Scrooge.  Carols by candlelight and Christmas FM have been playing in the background during breakfast, lunch and dinner while sparkly lights and pine and spice candles glisten all around the […]


Strawberry, Banana and Almond Smoothie

9 Dec

Fruit smoothies in winter?  Oh yes.  Frozen berries, my friends. This smoothie could not be simpler and you probably have most of the ingredients already on hand.  Except maybe the frozen berries, unless of course you are a food dork like me and you froze the fresh summer bounty before the season ended (highly recommended!!!).  But if […]


Corn Muffins + Thanksgiving in Ireland

22 Nov

When you’re calling two places home there’s a lot more to it then just a change of scenery.  Of course, missing people is huge but it doesn’t stop there. Between entirely different sayings like, “it’s been donkey’s years since..”  Do you know how long a donkey’s year is?  That like dog years or something? To using […]


Beet, Banana & Strawberry Smoothie

13 Oct

As the days get shorter and germs seem to be getting people sick just about everywhere you turn, remember that there is at least one thing you can do to spike your energy levels and immunity. Food choices! Smoothies are a great choice for breakfast or a snack because, unlike a juice, they provide fiber […]


Mixed Berry Muffins – Refined Sugar, Flour & Egg Free!

4 Oct

When there’s no time for smoothies or homemade porridge, a grab and go breakfast option can be the difference between starting off the day on the right foot or struggling to stay on track. And… what could be more portable than a muffin? By now, you’ve gathered that cutting down on refined sugar and flour will bring great benefits to your […]


Healthy Belly Breakfast Coconut Porridge

14 Sep

This porridge helps propel me in the morning.  For an every-day breakfast, that is exactly what I want it to do. Not only is it so tasty that I look forward to my breakfast the moment I wake up but Coconut Porridge is so nourishing and energy-giving, I can literally feel its positive affects to my body immediately. I’ve […]


5 Ingredient Almond & Apricot Energy Brittle

16 Aug

When you make your own fruit and nut bars, not only do you get to eat the deliciousness but you get to SMELL THEM while they bake and cool on your counter.  Something had to be said about that! Plus of course, there are lots of other reasons. For starters, there is the luxury of determining what you’ll be putting into […]


Clean Eating Your Favourite Foods

13 Jun

Clean eating is all about incorporating more natural whole foods into your meals on a daily basis.  This means eating lots of diferent kinds of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits, of course.   And, choosing whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds to feature on your plate very often. Clean eating also means removing the stuff that’s not pure natural […]