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Green Energy Machine Smoothie

1 Aug

Do you have a go to smoothie that’s simple to make, ridiculously tasty, full of all the nutrients you know you need AND provides energy to fuel you through whatever the day throws your way? Well, now you do! This here Green Energy Machine smoothie can be whipped up in 5 minutes or less.  It’s […]


3 Ingredient Breakfast Smoothie

9 Jul

Does this sound like you: Longing for a healthier lifestyle and not really sure where to start? You know breakfast is an important meal but you have so little time for thoughtful decisions in the morning? Inspiration for creating a nutritious meal or smoothie that tastes delicious enough to eat regularly = zero? You’re not alone. With all […]


A-B-C Smoothie

17 Apr

You know that feeling. You’re running from one thing to the next, happily ticking off your “to do” list. Hunger strikes but there is no time and nothing on the list for that. Can you remember your ABC’s at a time like this?  Of course you can! I know it sounds ridiculous but it really does help […]


Strawberry, Banana and Almond Smoothie

9 Dec

Fruit smoothies in winter?  Oh yes.  Frozen berries, my friends. This smoothie could not be simpler and you probably have most of the ingredients already on hand.  Except maybe the frozen berries, unless of course you are a food dork like me and you froze the fresh summer bounty before the season ended (highly recommended!!!).  But if […]


Beet, Banana & Strawberry Smoothie

13 Oct

As the days get shorter and germs seem to be getting people sick just about everywhere you turn, remember that there is at least one thing you can do to spike your energy levels and immunity. Food choices! Smoothies are a great choice for breakfast or a snack because, unlike a juice, they provide fiber […]


Rhubarb and Kiwi Lemonade

20 Jun

Do you think taste buds would know the difference between a processed sugary lemonade and a naturally sweetened tart refreshing glass of delicious Rhubarb and Kiwi Lemonade poured over ice on a hot summers day? What about the rest of the body, could it tell the difference? The answer is probably yes to both these […]


Perfectly Balanced Orange Juice

7 Jun

Who doesn’t love a glass of OJ in the morning to awaken the senses?  Sometimes fresh squeezed juice can be a little too sweet or a little too tart.  But a perfectly balanced glass of vibrant orange juice can be something beautiful. All it takes to create that drinkably delightful balance of the smooth – slightly […]


Lime Green Juice

16 May

Your typical green juice is GREEN, dark green.  Which to some newbie juice connoisseurs (ahem, kids and adults alike) could be a slight turn off.  So how about a lime green juice? It looks friendlier and probably tastes friendlier to a palate that’s new to juicing.  It could be just the gateway green juice you […]


Coconut Date Smoothie

19 Feb

Sweet, creamy, nutty and deeeelicious! Sipping on a Coconut Date Smoothie is a great way to start your day.  This smoothie is also better than anything you’ll find in the vending machine for an afternoon pick me up.  Just make sure no one steals it on you from the communal fridge at work!! The lusciously smooth almond […]


Vanilla Chia Seed and Banana Shake

19 Oct

OH YUMMY! Seriously, I have to say it. This is the best shake in both taste and nutrition!!  A genuine favorite in my house. And, aren’t they gorgeous too!  Want one?  Read on……….. When I make my homemade Almond Milk, I always make a huge batch of it so that we can enjoy these Vanilla Chia Seed and […]