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September-November: Operation Blog

9 Nov

Have you noticed I’ve been away?  Getting married, honeymoon and all that jazz…. 🙂 Me and you, though?  We never even missed a beat! I feel like I have finally gotten this “scheduling out posts” thing down pat. Most of the time, I write my posts during or directly after I finish a tested recipe.  […]


May-August 2014: Operation How to Blog

30 Aug

Gotta have goals right?  Direction? Organization? Hard work? Yes indeed! These are all keys to any successful endeavor. This “How to Blog” post series is a little sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes of Nine to Divine and what I’m currently focusing on to grow my blog.  Check out the first and second “How […]


February-April 2014: Operation How to Blog

26 Apr

Well hello there!  Its been awhile since I’ve written a post…. Hopefully you didn’t notice that much (!!) since it hasn’t been too long since I’ve published a post…… I’ve been doing a bit of travelling in Asia (and taking lots of cooking courses along the way! — fulfilling a long time dream of mine!) and before we […]


January 2014: Operation How to Blog

11 Jan

Blogging sure does take a huge amount of know-how and lots and lots and lots… of practice! It looks quite simple at first glance.  But its far from it!!  Let me repeat. LEARNING HOW TO BLOG IS FAR FROM EASY. With that being said shouted, I am finding great satisfaction from learning how to blog.  It has provided me a reason […]