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Homemade Beef Lasagna: My Tricks to Make it Easier

25 Oct

Making homemade lasagna can seem like too difficult and time-consuming of a task to undertake.  And, this can be true! But, thankfully, there are many ways to make the process much quicker and easier which means enjoying homemade lasagna whenever you want.  This can be a life saver during the cold and busy holiday season! My […]


How Busy People Cook – Free eBook is Here!

14 May

If you are already a subscriber to Nine to Divine…. well?! what did you think of my first ebook? For any new visitors, if you subscribe to my blog you’ll get a free copy of my first ever ebook!  Subscribe at the right ——————–> I am so proud to present the “How Busy People Cook” […]


Red Lentils, A Legume to Love

7 Jan

Behold the red lentil! A tasty, creamy teeny tiny little gem that is so versatile it can be incorporated into tons of different recipes.  And if it is, BOOM! Healthy notch on your belt. I’ve mentioned the advantage of using dried legumes before in the context of chickpeas and the same benefits apply to all dried varieties.  The […]


Christmas Cookies, A Method to the Madness: How to Be Organized

21 Dec

Making cookies is a Christmas tradition from my childhood that really holds a special place in my heart.  Every year I still make tons of Christmas cookies because I like to serve them at home, bring them wherever I go and drop them off to friends and neighbors. My usual suspects always include: – Chocolate – […]


Halloween Treat Stencil Art

22 Oct

Halloween decorating is so much fun for the whole family – carving pumpkins, painting ghoulish lantern bags, cutting a ghostly figure out white sheets and hand crafting the perfect trick or treating costume. Bring that fun into the kitchen with Halloween stencil art!  Its simple. Here are the steps: Bake your favorite cake – mine […]


How to Stuff a Pork Loin

21 Sep

Looking for something a little special for a dinner party or a date night dinner with your honey?  Stuff a pork loin! It takes a little practice but once you know how, you’ll become a pro at it in no time.  The result is a flavorsome delicious lean meal that will wow your guests.  Plus, […]


Eat Clean for 1 Month

12 Jul

I just sent an email to my mom and my sister saying this: Hi guys – I am going to try to eat clean for 1 month.  Do you want to join me and document to each other what we are eating? For a second I wished I had fish and chips last night :-/ […]


Dried Chickpeas – Is it worth it?

12 Mar

Canned chickpeas are readily available and the perfect star of any quick fix meal. So why bother with dried chickpeas?  Nutrition-wise, canned and dried chickpeas are pretty similar however, canned chickpeas have high amounts of sodium and a certain level of preservatives to keep them fresh. Dried chickpeas have neither. Is that reason enough?  Maybe not. […]


Turmeric Halloumi, Roasted Root and Pumpkin Seed Salad

2 Mar

One secret to adding a bit of diversity to your meals is using lots of different spices.  Many times, I will go to the store or a spice market and pick up a few spices that I’ve either never heard of or never cooked with to do some experimenting in my kitchen.  I have yet to be disappointed! With […]


Five things you can do today to get more organized in the kitchen

3 Nov

Let’s get into some of the nitty gritty skills that you will need to get started on the road to being more organized in the kitchen. I will show you how to successfully begin meal planning and incorporating bulk cooking into your life.  Here are five things you can do today to get more organized […]